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Full Stack Development

We are your one stop development partner for client and server side development. We are full stack developers

DevOps Best Practices

We follow end to end DevOps best practices to ensure timely and prioritized development and distribution of solutions

Minimum Viable Product

MVP strategy saves time and investment by better aligning customer requirements with products through integration of continuous feedback and CI/CD

Agile Approach

SCRUM allows us to be more effective, efficient and add value to our clients by building products that are based on priorities defined by their customer

Bring all stakeholders together on one platform

We create mobile apps that extend the backend to all your stakeholders while being mindful of their roles. Make your customers an active participant in your business lifecycle by giving them the ability to interact with your organization through digital trasformation

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UX / UI designing is an art

We assist our clients create their own web masterpiece. No one understands your customers better than you do. We assist you to bring ease of operations while being visually impactful for your customers. Customers pay for an experience not just functionality.

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Azure Kubernetes Service

Azure offers fully managed Kubernetes Service (AKS) which makes containerised application management and deployment easy. We assist organization integrate continuous integration , continuous deployment with AKS and enterprise-grade security and governance. Bring your development and operations teams on a single platform to rapidly build, deliver and scale applications with confidence.

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Stay Sharp With Azure DevOps

A structured and process oriented approach inspires confidence and delivers expected results. DevOps enbables you to deliver timely and iterated solutions based on real time feedbacks. CI / CD pipelines are the best way to build on top of MVP and bring new features to solutions based on user feedback and keep client businesses moving forward with time. We assists our clients in moving to Azure DevOps by deploying end to end Development and Production environment

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The Agile SCRUM Approach

Product Backlog

As a replacement to the traditional product specifications documents, this is a list of prioritized user centric project tasks that need to be completed during the project

Sprint Backlog

Backlog identified by the scrum team to be part of the sprint run. these are picked from the product backlog by the scrum team during the sprint planning meetingss

Sprint Cycle

Spint Cycle is a timebound iteration where the development takes place based on sprint backlog. Most comonly a spint cycle runs anywhere from 1 to 2 weeks to achive its objectives

Product Increment

once the sprint cycle is completed the product iteration is ready for production. typicaly the interation is an additional feature or an update that is introduced to an already in-production software