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Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

How we do it ?

Understand the Business Needs

It all comes down to documenting the reason for building this product. Bring your team to the table and ask yourselves the following questions?

  1. What is the problem that needs solving ?
  2. How will this product solve that problem ?
  3. Who will use this product ? i.e user profiling
  4. What are the Critical Success Factors for this product ?

Design Around Problem

Once the problems have been defined in the previous stage, you now start to create a story around the pain areas.

  1. What actions does a user take to get the end result
  2. focus on shortening the lengthiest path based on priority of that action
  3. Identify the opportunities and start answering them individually.

Minimum Feature Base

Based on all the activities above, do impact and priority matrix to decide the first set of features to include in the MVP. Decide the bare minimum features that are required for the product to be taken to the market. It should be able to :-

  1. Address the most critical success factors.
  2. Generate interest in clients for the MVP to the point of subscriptions

Product Roadmap

Once the MVP is ready and before you start to market to clients, it is very important for clients to know that there is a future for this product and that this is not just a one off product concept. Clients will respond better if you can show them a future road map of features that they can expect going forward. Set an update release commitment like monthly / quarterly and so on to inspire confidence. build this commitment into your build and release stage of your DevOps life cycle.